Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas With the Cramps

Well, we just got back from two days at Anne's parents' house in the desert. We decided to spend Christmas with them this year since we're moving to Pennsylvania in a few months and will be holidaying with my family mostly from here on out.

Her parents live a seven hour drive from us, and there's no convenient air service. That would be bad enough, but the night before we left I caught some sort of stomach virus, which meant I didn't get much sleep and my whole body had a migraine. My lovely wife Anne valiantly drove the entire way while I dozed and turned green in the passenger seat.

She was not immune to it either, as she caught the bug the next night.

On the positive side, neither of us gained the usual holiday pounds, since we were not eating much of anything. Or drinking, for that matter. You can really tell I'm sick if I don't want to drink - especially on a holiday.

Anyway, we're back and recovering. I'm working on some ideas for posts, which I'll hopefully get to soon. In the meantime, here's a picture of Anne's parents' dog Chara, dolled up for Christmas.

She's a sweet dog, but being a whippet, which is basically a half-size greyhound, when she curls up next to you it's like cuddling a sock full of sticks.

And, for some reason, her eyes look green in pictures. Is this the canine equivalent of red-eye? Are dogs' retinas a different color than humans'?

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