Friday, December 28, 2007

The Vader Gallery

Check out these amazing variations on Darth Vader's helmet. This one is my favorite - I just think that's what his helmet would have been like as he rose through the ranks of Imperial pilots.


May said...

"Darth from Above" is genius. I love the kills on the helmet. You know, Ian doesn't know where the Rebel logo is shown in the movies. Poor guy. But the helmets with eyes are the creepiest, bar none. I do have a question though: where do you get all those Vader helmets and how much did that cost? Did George have any say in the project? Or was he just paid off ('cause he only cares about the money)?

NeoZAZmatt said...

The pin-up model with the Stormtrooper helmet is creepy, but alas so much like many of my dreams. Which is also creepy.