Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome to NeoZAZ

Hello, and welcome to the official blog of NeoZAZ. I will hopefully update this fairly regularly with an assortment of essays, short fiction, and other random items.

Topics for essays will probably include, but not be limited to: movies (especially sci-fi like Star Wars and Star Trek), atheism/skepticism, software development, travel, and any other things that come to mind.

The main reason I'm starting this blog is to practice writing. So please feel free to critique me in the comments. I truly want to get better. My hope is that by writing something every day (or as often as possible), I'll, uh, have, uh, better words, and stuff. Ideas. Yeah.

I guess I could tell you a little about myself (which I should probably do in my Profile anyway). I'm a software developer in Santa Cruz, California. I've been in the software industry for about 12 years, most of that in the Silicon Valley.

Before that, I was educated at Drexel University in Philly (shameless name-dropping commences) where I went to school with John Gruber and Eric Minbiole, two of the smartest guys I know.

Other than software, I like to make movies (mostly with my friend Matt), write stories, and avoid learning how to play the guitar.

That's it for now. Thanks for listening, and stick around for the first real post. I'm sure it'll be a doozy.


M said...


I'm hurt, not one of me...he he he. i thought that I spent enough time with you before, during, and after Drexel to rate at least a mention.

Keep up the good work. It will help the Luddites, like myself, adapt to this strange new world. Blogs, facebook, oy!

Michael Witman

David Smith said...

Ah Michael, I was just trying to protect the guilty. You know - what happens at Drexel, stays at Drexel.