Tuesday, January 15, 2008

[Fiction] Hello, Ted

I can't tell you my big news yet, it's going to have to wait another day or so. In the meantime, here is a little bit of fiction for you.

Matt and I have been writing a story back and forth, just to keep our writing muscles working, as well as generate ideas for future films, and I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite passages.

The background is not that important - suffice it to say that Ted just escaped from a Tibetan monastery:
"Wow, that plan worked great", Ted thought as he got down off the camel. He glanced back up toward the mighty mountain peak where his erstwhile monastery lay nestled in the rocky crags. He smacked the camel on the rump, assuming it would return to the Sherpas who had loaned it to him, and hiked into town.

Well, "town" is kind of a generous term for the place Ted found himself. There was a road - well, a path, anyway. There was a market, of sorts, if you were in the market for anything made with, by or for yaks. But most important - the reason Ted had chosen this speck of a village to be the first stop on his escape route - they had a vehicle.

"Vehicle" was about the only word that could describe it. It had too many wheels for a motorcycle, but not enough for a car. Whereas most cars are made of things like metal, plastic and glass, this contraption was showing evidence in its construction of fur, hay, wood and some other things best left unidentified. Ted thought it looked like a roller skate for King Kong, But it had a motor, and could get him to the border, and that's all he needed right now. Well, some way to pay for it would be nice, too. Time for another plan.
Stay tuned for more of Ted's adventures in Tibet and western China.

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